Thursday, August 21, 2008


After a long intense period of focusing for a workplace milestone, I finally have some time to work on the Digikata site. The site has been re-hosted onto Blogger and Google Apps. On Digikata, I'll be posting notes about various topics of personal and some of professional interest to me. My profession is software engineering, and my specialty is in the aerospace industry. Educated as an aerospace engineer, I have a wide set of experience in software engineering, modeling and simulation, embedded hardware, and aerospace vehicles. I've been fortunate to not be one of those individuals who don't use anything covered in their college education - as a matter of fact, I've had a opportunity to use all the range of different skills that go into aerospace.

In terms of personal interests, in no particular order, those would be general tech geekery, math, economics, open source software, cooking, mountain biking, reading, personal finance, green tech, programming (ruby, web, C++, etc) and .. well ok, so basically, I'll be talking about whatever interests me. (Like the webcomic Xkcd).